Fifty People One Question

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen? (New Orleans)
By: separatethis

"The Story:
Around two months ago when we set out to film, it was another New Orleans day. A sure sign was the radiating humidity that made your entire body feel like it was covered in a sort of sweaty film. Once you get past the initial fear of the inevitable grime and heat, you feel a certain energy or "atmosphere"- like a kid throwing himself without reserve into a mud fight.

We had an idea: ask as many people as possible the same question. We didn't know exactly why- I guess we were hoping to expose a slice of human emotion (maybe). Just the simple act of reaching out and asking the question is such a enthralling experience in itself. So go ahead, ask yourself.....

Fifty people 1 question is a short video rather than a film and the title says it all really. The only suspense that I can try and create here is what that question is. Saying that the question they pose really makes you think. The question is not like a riddle nor does it have one right answer. But it does give an insight to what the person is thinking at the time and maybe the best answer one can give is the one given with least bit of consideration.

To say this video is captivating or amazing would be wrong – it’s neither. Its good, yes, but the camera work does make even the 7-minute video seem long. There was just too much playing with the camera focus for my liking – it was getting a bit distracting. Apart from that it’s a nice, all-around video.