12 :12

By: iStick

"Synopsis; They say that 11:11 is the time to make a wish. If that is so, what would be special about 12:12..? This short film shows the weird, odd and unusual events that happen to a young man when the clock strikes 12:12. Enjoy!
VideoInformation; This is my first major attempt at creating a creepy type of film, and I hope the video does give out a weird feeling. You'll probably never look at the time of 12:12 the same way again. I hope you like it!
Music Made By Yours Truly - Jeremy Cathey :)
#81 Top Rated Entertainment 11/13/07
#56 Most Discussed Entertainment 11/13/07"

Its very difficult reviewing shorts because not all of them are done by professionals. This one sadly is not and while the idea is nice and original, it seems too much inspired by other horror movies in its implementation.

I won’t delve into the story but I would like to the guys making this short for at least trying to create a short for the horror genre. Not many people do this. Moreover, they do succeed in creating suspense and a bit of thrill for the moviegoer. We have regularly seen in horror movies that instead of keeping the camera still they tend to move it around to give us chills and this is exactly how the makers have done it in this short.

The music might not create that foreboding feeling, but seeing this as done by amateurs I am actually pleasantly surprised they remembered even making a soundtrack!

Nice effort, but they could have made it a bit longer to make it scarier for the audience.