Replay (Animated)

By: aniBOOM

"In a destroyed world, the only glimpse of hope is the memory of a forgotten past. But be careful not to let your dreams control your mind...This is Replay an amazing animated short film."

Great thing about short movies is that if you hate one you might still go ahead and watch it, knowing its only going to last a few minutes. Well, that’s also the bad thing about them – sometimes they are so good you feel this could be a feature length movie. Replay falls into the second category. The storyline is great and the animation isn’t too bad either – though I did think that the characters were rather stiff in their expressions.

The setting is an apocalyptic world caused by who knows what where two siblings are surviving in some underground cabin. Outside, there is doom and destruction everywhere – they even have to wear oxygen masks while going out because of the polluted air! One day, the older of the two siblings, Lana finds something that’s going to change their lives forever! And now I shall shut up about the story – you will have to watch it yourselves :).

People who are thinking of watching it to have a light-hearted time – this is not for you! Its intense, its emotional and you might find yourself weeping. Its no Twilight (Thank God!) but its certainly worth the watch (unlike Twilight :)). Ohhh…. and its French (I think), so if you can’t understand French bring your reading glasses for the subtitles.