The Window


"From the makers of "Black Button" comes the third short film from Dark Heart Productions - "The Window".

- Shortlisted for TROPFEST, the world's largest short film festival.
- Front Page Feature on

"Julian feels compelled to travel to his local pub. On arrival he finds his friends and family there celebrating, and they have some important news."


The concept is pretty great, however the twist comes too late in the film to save it.

Its nicely done and you don’t see any major faults in direction, editing or camera work. However, sometimes the camera closes up on the people a bit too much for my liking. However, the last scenes where the whole story comes together, the director is pretty much spot on.

My major beef with shorts are that generally acting is pretty poor. And this short suffers in the same way. Moviemakers should at least go to the trouble of having trials for the actors.

The main actor was very dull in his delivery and half the times he seemed to be in a rush to speak! The guy playing his dad however was brilliant. His speech, his expressions were some of the best I have seen in short movies. You might have seen him in other shorts too as he is a professional actor and it showed.


Sometimes it’s nice to have complex storylines just to keep the viewers on the edge and interested. But, with a muddling storyline comes great responsibility :) – you need to make sure that everything is tied up properly in the end and it does not leave the viewer confused or disenchanted in the end. The storyline as I have said was nice, but neither acting nor direction could match it.

Score: 5/10