The Alpha Male



Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was only one female alive? Well, this short does exactly this. A very original, and may I call it an eccentric idea, resulting in a sort-of enjoyable short.


I have seen other shorts by the same guy and he certainly puts a lot of effort in his work and here again it shows. While not as good as his other work, here some mistakes were visible in direction and camera work. But, such mistakes remained relatively minor and did not make the screening unpleasant.

The guy playing geek in this movie was the best of the lot by a fair margin. His acting was original, and he did not try to over-act, which is usually the case in most of the comedies.

I do have some reservations about the other three who were rather a let down. The guys seemed completely disinterested and the single actress did not do justice to her role either.


While the concept was really nice, The Alpha Male falls flat because of poor acting. The script was really good, but apart from one actor the others seemed to be amateurs who had no interest in the short and were there because the director had put some spell on them.

Alpha Male was a short I wanted to like, but the acting was disappointing. You might remember it for the story, but hardly for anything else. Recommended for those times when you have nothing else to do.

Score: 6.5/10