By: 1e42




Making films that have a meaning and are there to teach something to the audience is a good thing – but repetition does make things boring. While the short does carry good intentions in bridging the gap between nations, I just don’t feel that it captivated me that much.

Direction & Acting

You expect a short produced by Fox to have no faults regarding direction and camera work, and yeah it was pretty much spot on. The tension created (which basically lasts through out the movie) is done nicely and it does make you wonder (if you have never seen such a movie before) how our heroes will get out of their predicament.

No complaints about acting either – it wasn’t great, but it didn’t need to be either as the short didn’t demand very little emotions.


For quite a while, I was at a loss. Seriously. I didn’t know what was wrong with the short. There is clearly something wrong, but I didn’t know what! Direction and acting was okay – the story might be a bit predictable, but it at least had meaning and purpose.

Then it hit me! Nothing, and absolutely NOTHING stands out! It takes no risks at all, the story isn’t new and no character development leads to no outstanding acting.

Hence, Strangers is just going to slip under the radar. It won’t be remembered for anything. Everything has been pretty much done before.

Strangers – thou I know from head to toe!

Score: 5/10  

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo