By: Jameslee03



A Robin Hood of sorts, Tar Boy is about a person fighting against the corrupt and power hungry people.

The script was really well written and makes the movie very captivating.


The direction goes in perfect tandem to the story. As the storyline is fast-paced, the animation complements it, by being done in an all-action and sometimes very rogue way. Sometimes it is so fast-paced that its difficult to take it all in or understand the narration in the background. You need to be wide-awake to understand and appreciate it.

The animation being done in flash is not of a very high standard, but it’s done in an enchanting way and blows you away with its surreal surroundings and action.


Tar Boy is a breathless, all-action movie that will give you little time to think about the nonsensical storyline and will sweep you away with some compelling storytelling and awesome action sequences.

It doesn’t teach you any morals and it doesn’t try to be too clever. Its pure, unadulterated action and leaves making “sense of life” to other more serious productions.

For sheer entertainment value its awesome!

Score: 7.5/10