Nothing Special

By: HelenaBrooks



Every mom thinks her kid is special. Well, this one takes it to another level, when she says that he is Jesus!

The idea is a bit eccentric and different, but the script is really well written and makes it into a highly enjoyable short.


Apart from some quirks here and there, the film is shot very nicely. The editing is also quite smooth and the multiple-angled shots (that are missing in so many shorts) make it a pleasant viewing.


But, by far the best thing about this movie is the acting. I was surprised, astonished and even a bit shocked! It was so good. Billy’s mother, with her hilarious over-the-top yet believable antics stole the show for me. Billy’s acting was also pretty decent, with his shy, dumb and sometimes overly cautious approach to life.

It’s not often that you get to play roles in a short that have so much depth. And even rare is the fact that you have good actors playing them. But, Nothing Special provides two really great actors with the chance and they take it with arms wide open!


Nothing Special starts off rather timidly, but it roars into life with great acting and script. A comedy, a drama, I don’t care what you call it, but its certainly very engrossing.

It is light-hearted in its approach, but it also tells us that everyone is special in his own way and that mothers should really give their children a bit more breathing space!

You might not like the story, but you cannot fault them for not trying. Its different, and its full of life.

Nothing Special is something really really special!

Score: 8/10