Happy Meal




None. And basically that’s it. If you like movies that have some sort of concept or a storyline, this is not for you.


Its saving grace, direction is by far the best thing in this short. A thriller of sorts, the music and the random and absurd camera angles complement the idea. The zooming in of the camera and the speeding up of action now and then really enhance the viewing pleasure. You might not make anything of the story, but you will certainly feel a chill.


Considering there were only two actors, the scared and the “scarer”, it was quite good. The scared guy pretty much made all the faces and did all the movements that are the norm in a horror movie. And the guy who was chasing him, I particularly liked his make up. It was very well down.


I am really not sure why this came into production in the first place. It seems pointless and meaningless. It doesn’t even try to ram a moral down our throats.

But, strangely I do like it. Comparing it with horror movies of our time, most of them actually are pointless. So why can’t this short be?

Saying that it does make you feel a bit scared and it’s certainly not for kids. I won’t even recommend it watching in the dead of the night. Happy Meal will leave the horror buffs feeling content for sure!

Score: 6.5/10