Thrown Away

By: fcrabbath



Thrown Away does not bring anything new to the table concept wise. If you have seen Dawn, Dusk, Noon, Evening and What not of the Dead – it’s pretty much like that (and a lot more boring).

Direction & Acting

I am not sure if the director knew whether he was directing a comedy or a suspenseful thriller or something. He seemed lost. The start was promising, and there was a sense of forlornness created, which was pretty good. Then the actors started speaking and everything was lost!

The actors had no chemistry, sentences were spoken as if they were just, you know, acting! They failed to realize that they might get killed any instant and that food is scarce. Yet, they are happy to make burger jokes!

Moreover, the mutated people they showed seemed more like mental retards to me. They actually made the whole movie even funnier!

Editing was bad, there were some awkward scenes and the background music that was supposed to make an ambience of suspense could not do its magic either.


Lousy, uninteresting, boring – any of the words can be used to describe Thrown Away. It started fine then all of a sudden, it lost all its charm, its charisma like a middle-aged wife!

Short filmmakers should really take their audience more seriously or at least try to take their movies seriously. Thrown Away should really be thrown away!

Score: 3/10