My Name Is Lisa




It is based around a girl, Lisa, and her relationship with her mom who is suffering from a disease that I shall not mention so as not to give the story away.


While the camera work does seem a bit shoddy at times, the direction is pretty satisfactory overall. One thing I would certainly like to mention is the soundtrack. Keeping in mind the nature of the movie they could have made it pretty heavy and sad. They could have tried to make the viewer really sad and depressed. Thank God they did neither. The background music while sensitive to the situation does not try to take advantage of the viewer and that’s cool.


Carlie Nettles as Lisa was brilliant. This is not the first time she has appeared in a short and she has some serious talent. Her acting was very realistic and she really did seem like a kid who is having trouble dealing with all the problems.

Sally Smythe as her mom did well too. I actually started feeling sorry for her.

Overall, this short has some of the best actors on display and its nice to see such good acting in a short.


My Name is Lisa doesn’t try to force the viewer into liking it, but it’s the subtle things that make this a short worth watching. The acting is really good and the concept is different. We mostly see mothers having ill children in shorts, but it’s the other way round here.

This short will certainly touch you. It might not make you cry or feel depressed, but its not there to do all these things. It’s not even about the disease itself, but about the people who have a loved one suffering from it. It’s their plight that this short portrays and its darn successful in doing it too.

Recommended for sure.

Score: 7.5/10