By: Trailer Brasil



Set in a post-apocalyptic world where people breathe off each other (its depiction is less disgusting (or arousing) then it sounds), Connected has a rather bland script.

Direction & Acting

It blew me away! Seriously! The landscape shots through out the short are some of the best I have seen. They really do paint a picture of bleakness and combined with the humans wearing some sort of mask and suits to survive, it gives an uneasy feel to the viewer (as it should).

The soundtrack was okay, though the repetition of the breathing sound began to annoy me. I can understand that they want to emphasize on humans breathing and all, but its very annoying hearing someone gasping for air for 5 straight minutes!

One thing I would like appreciate though is the western music played at the climatic scenes. It was a very big risk but it pays off handsomely. It might make the scene a bit comical, but I liked the change. At least, it wasn’t more breathing noises.

Can’t really comment on acting, as we don’t get to see any person’s face through out the short. We do see people dying, but that was pretty routine stuff. Nothing too fancy there.


I am not sure what was the budget of this short, but it seems quite big as far as shorts go. However, it doesn’t tingle my senses nor make me excited at all. The script is too bland. It maybe moralistic, but I need a little bit of entertainment too!

Connected can be applauded for its cinematography, but for me, it fails to make a connection with the viewer.

Score: 6/10

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