By: sheltonfilms



Running is about a dysfunctional family basically. Though, the concept is old there is a lot to like about Running.

Direction & Acting

If you have read my previous reviews (which I am sure you must have :)) you must know how important direction and acting is to the short. You can have a great idea executed poorly to make a lousy movie. But, if the direction and acting is nice you can get away with a lot.

That is the case with Running. Direction is quite good and though there are no major faults though the angles used, sometimes lacked imagination.

The acting however is pretty good. The girl is really talented for her age and her acting is remarkable. Though you sometimes do feel she is over-acting, but that’s so much better than being dull and expressionless.


All said and done Running is an okay short. I have nothing much to complain apart from a weak and done-to-death script, but its execution is pretty much spot on. The ending is pretty much left for the user to decipher. We are left to wonder what decision is she going to take (although signs are she will make the right one).

While you may very well be satisfied after watching it, the next day you would have completely forgotten about it! Even the name is so common; you are not going to remember it.

Running won’t occupy your thoughts for long, and that is its biggest downside.

Score: 6/10