10 Minutes




A lot can happen in 10 minutes and that’s the whole point of the story. For someone 10 minutes might feel a long time, for others it could pass in an instant. And for some, 10 minutes is all they have to survive.


If the direction is poor, the idea can fall flat. But, here, the storyline is accompanied by some compelling direction and camerawork. Most of the shots are handheld, but you don’t feel the camera shaking too much to ruin your viewing pleasure.

There is this one continuous shot where the camera keeps rolling for like 5 – 6 minutes I feel, but it doesn’t look clumsy. It only enhances the feeling of anxiety and confusion that the little boy is feeling at the time.

Moreover, the effects to show that there has been a blast were brilliant! And I don’t mean the puff of smoke we see in the distance! I mean, the way the camera jerks a little every time there is a blast that makes it all even more real.

Even the soundtrack is put up together really well and the chugging sound that accompanies the scene when the kid is running to his home creates great tension and suspense. My breath actually became raspier and quicker as the scene went on. It really was that absorbing.


It might surprise you, but I can honestly say I did not think anyone was acting (apart from the guy in the store). It seemed so natural. And while it may not win awards for acting, because no one was that central to the theme (or had a big role), I did not find any faults either. The only person who was over the top was the salesman – but then salesman are sometimes boisterous in their approach, so it isn’t that big a bother.


10 minutes did what a lot of shorts were incapable of – it makes you think. I like to do my reviews immediately after watching shorts because it is the first impression that is the most important, but I couldn’t do it with this one. It overwhelmed me. Its simple yet powerful, strong and even beautiful. It doesn’t try to be too clever with the plot, yet it delivers a strong message.

Every minute is important. Every minute there is something happening in other parts of the planet. There are wars being fought, people dying, people crying etc etc. And yet we sit in our homes doing nothing about it.
Can we? And that my friends, is the question.

Score: 8.5/10

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