Wild Dogs




Greed. The whole concept is summed up perfectly by that one word. The script though could have been a bit more creative and could certainly have used dialogues.


The animation while nice lacked that punch. The expressions of the wild dogs were non-existent and you could only make out what the whole story was because you had heard it countless times.

The background music made the short seem like a kid movie. It certainly makes you feel that the short is not for elders. And if something is making you feel old, you are certainly not going to enjoy it.


I can berate Wild Dogs for not doing much, but actually I feel sorry for it. The moviemakers missed a great chance to make this short into something better. It could have been more funny and interesting if they had put a bit more time on it. It feels to be put together hastily. And with no dialogues it misses out on a lot of jokes it could have made. Groans and grunts seem okay for a little bit, but why go for the realistic touch when already the dogs are walking on their hind legs!

Wild Dogs – should be left in the wild.

Score: 4/10