I shot your ex-girlfriend




The title pretty much blurts out the story. But, it’s still a very interesting and funny short to watch. Who hasn’t thought of shooting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s ex – this short shows the lady actually doing it, and thus fulfills many people’s wish.

Direction & Acting

Nothing to complain about here. It’s pretty standard though there is hardly any soundtrack.

The acting wasn’t all that nice. Although the plot didn’t give much depth to their characters, but it didn’t seem like they were in a war situation apart from all the swearing. And they swear a lot. They probably concentrated on it a bit too much and forgot to act! They seemed a bit too relaxed to be in a war.


The surprising thing about this short was its length. It could have been longer. The idea was nice and they could have made a lot of jokes and maybe even created a lot more tension then they did. They just didn’t try hard enough.

I shot your ex-girlfriend might not amaze you with its acting or direction, but the idea is presented in a very different scenario. And that makes it a very good effort and quite an enjoyable short. Though the swearing does make this a short not for kids, the elders are going to enjoy it I am sure.

Score: 5.5/10