Give Up Yer Aul Sins

By: monsterdistributes



This short tells a famous story that is found not only in Christian scriptures, but also in Islamic book, The Quran (although with variations). I don’t wanna mention even an itsy bitsy bit about the story to maintain a bit of suspense :). But, its not a straightforward history lesson, as the story is told by a child and is animated.


It’s an animated movie, but it’s done very nicely. As this is based upon a 1960’s series of recordings in which children tell Bible stories, the animation is done so that it looks to belong to that decade. That’s probably the best thing about this short – its animation. With all the CGI now, we do miss the old cartoons and this certainly gives the feeling of one.

However, the child who tells the story – I am sorry but his accent is very difficult to understand. This movie is for international audience and a person with such a strong accent is not suitable for reading in such a short. It might look cute for a little while, but it becomes irksome when you can’t understand what he is saying.


“Give up Yer Aul Sins” is nice, but nice doesn’t cut it in this bloodthirsty industry of shorts! (No seriously it doesn’t). The short has to be something more. And this is where it fails. It makes no impact on the viewer and it might make you feel nostalgic, but that feeling will be replaced by irritation when you won’t be able to understand what the child is saying.

It’s a Bible story so people who have read the Bible already know it, but those who haven’t, they will barely be able to make head or tail of the short because of the very strong accent of the kid.

Give up Yer Aul Sins is a short that you won’t remember for long.

Score: 4.5/10

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