Oktapodi is about two octopuses that are fighting against the evil forces to stay together forever. This is an age-old tale of the world creating hurdles and problems for the lovers, yet it’s presented in an interesting and fascinating way.


The animation is at quite a high level for a short. The details that separate good from great are certainly there. One thing that needs to be appreciated is the expression that the octopuses deliver. They only have two eyes, but they exhibit all the necessary feelings through them. Sometimes they are convoluted, sometimes open wide, sometimes you see a dreamy look in them. Here the animator deserves a pat on the back for treating them as humans and not as some animals who can not express their feelings.


Oktapodi deserves a lot of credit for picking up a simple plot and giving it a completely different spin. It will not only appeal to the kids, but also to the elders and that’s what makes this short special.

But, one thing I would like to mention is that the short is probably too small to create a major impact on you. You will have a laugh or two while watching it, but its length means that you will forget it sooner rather than later. You might even be watching it for some relief during work and in that case you are never going to remember it for long.

Score: 7.5/10

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