By: 1e42



Different idea yeah, but that’s just it – its just an idea. And you can’t build a whole movie, even a short around a single idea. There has to be some progress. And sad to say I did not find any in Offside.

Direction & Acting

I am not sure if the director was told that the movie had to be at least 5 minutes long or did he seriously think he had to drag it to 5 minutes! Because, my God did he drag it! Some scenes just went on and on without serving any purpose. When the guys were listening to the commentary, it could all have ended much sooner. But, no – the director used the same type of shots over and over again – to make the short as unbearable as possible!

Can’t fault the acting though as there wasn’t much acting to do. No words uttered at all. They were okay, really.


Ideas don’t make movies directors do (and actors of course, but this sounded better :)). The concept was good, but one idea does not make a movie. This movie could have been a whole lot shorter and it might have made it better. But, it just dragged on and on and even 5 minutes seemed a lifetime.

So much so that I don’t even want to review it. It was like a player who was not only miles offside, but could not hit the target either.

Score: 3/10