Still Life

By: k0214315



The concept is really nice and original and does keep the viewer guessing till the last minute (and even after that if you are not paying attention).

Direction & Acting

While some of the parts of the short are great, especially the ghost town, I do feel that the movie could have been even more frightening if it had been shot at night. The soundtrack does complement the action and helps to create a feeling of uneasiness.

However, everything seems lost in the climax. The point where the whole story revolves around its head, the movie simply breaks down. It’s the climax where you need the director to be at his best, the music to be at its spookiest and the actors to be vigilant. None of these things happened. What could have been a great scene just falls flat and takes the whole movie with it.

The acting was not that good either it has to be said. Our protagonist’s lack of expressions was mind-boggling. He did not seem scared at what was happening around him not surprised. It was like everything was normal and usually his life is that crazy.


A psychological thriller, lacking in punch is Still Life. Like many other shorts its concept is nice and original, but its execution could have been a bit better. There is a reason horror movies are shot in the dark while this has not been.

Still Life is not a roller coaster ride from start to end, which it should have been. Somewhere in the middle everyone just stopped caring.

Score: 5.5/10