By: Insideshort

"DIRECTED BY Trevor Sands
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The concept is not new and there have been many feature films about this, but the way it has been shot is brilliant. Though it does make a couple of factual mistakes, everything else was fine. Do remember people its just a short movie, a fiction and we can certainly give it a little bit of leeway.

Probably the best-directed short movie I have ever seen! Every shot was perfect and the camera work awesome! Its not often you see such nicely directed shorts as many amateurs are in the field too. But, surely a professional did this? Especially the last scene where the viewer will be just blown away by the twist.

Damn it! I can’t criticize this movie in any department! The acting is what brings the concept and direction together and if done nicely you can forget the plot holes completely. And in this short it was pretty great. There were quite a few actors from a little girl to an old man and everyone was up to his task. Not one actor disappointed.


This short needs your full concentration from start to end. Not because it’s very confusing, but because the hard work people have put in it, deserve this! One little thing I need to add here is that the soundtrack is pretty well put. It does create the required tension and suspense in the viewer and keeps him on the edge.

Lastly, I have rarely seen a short put together such nicely. Watch it and savor it.

Score: 9/10