The Black Hole

By: nfb

"The National Film Board of Canada, in association with the Cannes Short Film Corner and partner YouTube, welcomes you to this NFB competition, now in its fifth year.
It's your turn to choose. Internet votes will decide the best film, and the winner will be announced at Cannes on May 21. The prize: an HD MINI-DV camera and a mobile studio including laptop and editing suite.

Director: Diamond Dugs
Running Time: 2'34
Country: U.K.
Category: Comedy

A sleep deprived office worker finds a Black Hole whilst photocopying late one night Suddenly the possibilities seem endless. Will greed get the better of him?

Phil & Olly aka Diamond Dogs met in the last murky years of the 20th Century at one of Wimbledon School of Arts now legendary parties. They teamed up in 2003 and began shooting no budget promos whilst busting their balls as Art Directors to pay their bills. Phil & Olly continue their careers as editor & art director respectively to fund their directing projects in a world of ever shrinking budgets.
The boys are currently in production on music videos for Will and the People and The Enemy and in pre-production on a 30 second Miller Light commercial. They are also penned to shoot a 4 minute short for Future Shorts in conjunction with Samsung called Spontaneously Capture your life and in pre-production with The UK Film Council in association with Virgin Media Shorts on a short film project called The Archaeologist."


Strange, bizarre, peculiar – you won’t go wrong with any of these words while describing Black Hole. The idea is totally out-of-this-world yet the message is simple. God provides enough to satisfy our needs, but not our greed.

Director does not take any risks and I am fine with it. Though I do feel that the short could be a bit long to show how our protagonist gets erm associated with the hole, but apart from that its fine. No faults, no fun, work done.

When things start getting weird around you people generally tend to get surprised or scared. Well, they at lease show some emotion! The guy in this short shows none! Or maybe 0.5! This short features only one person so the producer could have at least gone for a better actor. For the most part of the movie he seemed drunk to me!


Black Hole is very different from other shorts I have seen. It pushes the boundaries of reality and literally breaks them apart, but it does this with a message in mind. Delightfully simple yet capturing our imagination is what Black Hole is all about.

It could have been so much better if the actor, could, you know, had tried to act! A great plot ruined!

Score: 6.5/10 (I would have given it an 8 if it had not been for YOU KNOW WHO)