Sign Language

By Semicolonic



I criticized a short for basing all of it on just one idea. This short too, revolved around one basic thought. But, the idea is original, likeable and best of all; it is not dragged on forcefully. It is about Ben, a static outdoor information technician (if you don’t know what that is, watch the short :)).

Direction & Acting

The camera work was great in the short. They played around with the focusing a bit and that actually made it all the better. Sometimes you have to take risks, and it certainly paid off. The direction was also steady and the last scenes were certainly one of the best-shot scenes I have ever witnessed in a short! Though I do feel that there should have been a change in background music at that time because of the change in mood of the movie. With that, the scene could have been even more memorable.

I can’t fault the actors for not doing much in the short because actually there wasn’t much acting margin in any of the roles. They were believable and that’s what counts the most.


Certainly a feel good short, Sign Language does not try to be too clever with the storyline and keeps it simple. Will you remember this movie for long? Not a chance! But, it does keep you entertained for the 3 minutes it’s on and for me that’s what matters.

Showing a guy actually enjoying his work and throws in a couple of deep and meaningful sentences, Sign Language might try to make us think, but the script isn’t powerful enough. It’s too simple. And it is this simplicity that I like.

Score: 7/10