The Drawn

By: fcrabbath


While not different from many other romantic comedies, Drawn does try to bring something new to the genre and it succeeds in pulling it off.

Nice story is accompanied by some excellent direction. In every scene you will get to see hints to the background of the movie and credit goes to its director (who has also written, shot and edited it) for managing it in such a remarkable way.

While I did feel certain scenes, like the one with the doctor were below par, but the rest of the movie makes up for it.

Only good actors can do comedy, and Thank God this short has loads of them! The main players, Scott, Rachel and Ben have great chemistry and their scenes are certainly the funniest in the movie. Scott (played by Art Wallace) was in my opinion the best of the lot and I hope to see him in more shorts. But, while there were so many good players, there was also the guy who played doctor. His acting was quite poor for a film of such a high standard.


A romantic story with comedy thrown in for good measure, Drawn is of a rare breed in short movies. It not only captivates viewers with its storyline but the performances make it a film worth watching.

As you guys know I have never been a fan of romantic movies, but this certainly was entertaining and there were some “awwww” moments too for the ladies :)

Short and sweet, Drawn is great for making you feel better and putting a smile on your face.

Score: 8/10